We are Steph and Jack, an Australian couple who love to escape the familiarity and comfort of our hometown of Melbourne to experience bigger, better and more adventurous things. We began our relationship with a love of traveling and haven’t stopped since.

Vowing to take a longer trip together after spending three months exploring the United States, Mexico, and Guatemala in 2014, plus countless hours working on our Spanish language skills, we are leaving everything behind for a year to traverse South and Central America. Steph always has a few side trips up her sleeve too, so look out for blogs on Asia from time to time.

Steph left her job as a High School English language teacher and Jack his as an Architect, so follow along as we work out how to continue practicing our professions on the road by working remotely and finding work in countries along the way.

We are passionate about food and often joke that we only travel to find new things to eat, which probably is not a joke at all. Jack is an architecture lover, so he has his finger on the pulse of the most beautiful modern and classic buildings, which you will see featured in our blog.

We hope that we can help to show the beauty and vibrancy of the countries that we visit and that our site highlights what we believe to be the essentiality of travel. Who knows, maybe it will convince one more person to step outside their comfort zone along with us to experience new lands, ideas, and cultures, which can only be a good thing for the world!