These days there is a multitude of options to eschew the regular 9 – 5 work route. Of course, remote work is not for everyone. Jack, for example, is much more comfortable in a regular brick and mortar Architecture office (for now…).

Myself? I love not having to get ready early, commute, make small talk and all the other disadvantages, as I see them, that come with working in person.

The freedom to work from the pool, hammock, bed or couch suits me just fine.

Being an introvert, I’ve realized remote work is somewhat of lifesaver for me, as I actually have the ability to function at the end of the day, rather than feeling completely zonked from all energy used inĀ minuscule social interactions. To anyone else they would probably be niceĀ little chats, and I do like interacting with my co-workers, don’t get me wrong. It’s just that for my personality, the sheer energy of doing that multiple times per day requires so much from me, I’m spent at the end of it.

Now, I feel like I have much more energy and even creativity, to socialize and do the things I enjoy – like reading, writing this blog and being more present around other people.

So what are the options for remote work or remote jobs?

The sky’s the limit here – if you have the skills and the initiative you can truly break into doing whatever you want.

Here, I’ve put together some options; from easiest to hardest!

1. Teach English Online

2. Use Upwork or Other Freelancer Sites

3. Find Remote Positions Through Facebook

4. Go Remote with Your Current Position

5.Get Accepted to a Selective Freelancer Site, Like Clearvoice

6. Find a Remote Job Through a Remote Job Listing Board

7. Find Opportunities Through Linked In