Two days exploring the picturesque colonial town of Paraty, situated on the Costa Verde of Brazil was perfect. So it was onwards to part two of our stay, beach time! During some random Googling of Paraty, I had discovered a place set on a secluded speck of Brazil’s coast called Happy Hammock with gushing reviews, so I thought we’d better give it a try.

After schlepping 1.5 kilometers to the dock with our respective 20 kilograms of luggage, (the wrong dock, whoops) after discovering the is approximately one Uber in Paraty, we were met by the Happy Hammock boat.

After a brief 20-minute boat ride, we arrived to this:

A picturesque little inlet, situated on the Costa Verde of Bahia de Ilha Grande, lapped by warm emerald waters in shades I had never seen before. The sand was a rich golden colour which offset the green tones magically. Happy Hammock was set on its very own dock, inviting you to sit, relax, and when that got too much, dive off into the cooling waters.

Happy Hammock has a unique philosophy of no wifi and a communal experience for guests. I know it sounds cliched but it was so nice to disconnect from the outside world. Even when traveling, it’s so easy to waste time using social media and other online distractions which don’t really add much to your experience. I hope that we can get to another location in this trip that does not have wifi because it was totally relaxing!

On the food side of things, each morning and night the guests staying there eat breakfast and dinner together. This was painstakingly prepared by a lovely Spanish couple who were running the guesthouse. The meals were incredible, plus as an added bonus, vegetarian! Despite having to adjust to the Spanish dinner time (we were always starving by 6:30!) the wait was always worth it. We feasted on lasagne, freshly made bread, wonderful salads and washed it all down with freshly made caipirinhas. Dreamy.

During our few days we generally headed across to the beautiful Praia Vermelha, which was just a 30-minute hike or kayak trip away. Getting there early in the morning the beach was deserted and absolutely stunning. Usually, towards lunchtime, boatloads of Brazilian tourists (the majority of tourists in Brazil are Brazilian – they love to explore their country!) started rolling in, which did not a peaceful experience make! Lots of partying, loud music, dancing and shouting with friends and family ensued which was very entertaining to observe, but also our cue to head back for a more low-key swim off the dock.

Praia Vermelha – sorry for the waterlogged Go Pro photo!

Relaxing here was one of our highlights of Brazil so far, I highly recommend staying here if you have an open mind, are craving some home-cooked food and are an eco-conscious traveler!

Have you been to Happy Hammock or any other locations on the Costa Verde? Let us know what we missed!

I’m Stephanie and this year I’m taking a break from life in Australia. I’m traveling South, Central and North America, learning Spanish, eating tacos and seeking out amazing swimming spots. When I’m taking time out from that hectic schedule I like to write, read and relax – and pat cute street animals that I really shouldn’t. I probably wrote most of what you’re reading from my hammock and I wouldn’t have it any other way.

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